Westermann Gruppe at the Didacta 2018

Learning is becoming increasingly diverse. Digital change, the education of refugee children, inclusivity, new topics in the curriculum, and the partial return of the 9-year Abitur system are all factors which require a broad range of educational media tailored to the specific needs of each classroom. With up-to-date resources, Westermann Gruppe supports teachers in each of these crucial areas and will be presenting their programme of exciting new products at the Didacta in Hannover from February 20th-24th.

For the first time at the Didacta, Westermann Gruppe presents GEORG, its new portal with an innovative approach to vocational education. GEORG is the first portal to connect trainees with teachers and instructors, and supports the trainees throughout their traineeship with courses and exam preparation. Visitors to the Didacta can also discover the recently expanded teaching portal BiBox, the redeveloped interactive primary school textbook Denken und Rechnen interaktiv, the Diercke app, and many more digital products at the Westermann stand.

New teaching topics
To encourage responsible use of digital media by pupils, the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Educational and Cultural Affairs has recommended the inclusion of media literacy training in the classroom. Westermann Gruppe offers textbooks for secondary schools and now also for primary schools which support this aim, in addition to further training sessions for teachers through collaboration with leading training partners. Preparing students for the world of work is also taking on a more prominent role in the classroom. Westermann Gruppe now presents a systematically structured workbook focusing on job-seeking and further study preparation for upper secondary classes in all federal states.

Heterogeneous classes
To help achieve the main targets of differentiation, individualisation and inclusivity in teaching, Westermann Gruppe has developed both printed and digital materials and solutions to aid teachers at all school types. At the Didacta, the Westermann team will also be introducing the recently updated textbook series Praxis Sprache, Sekundo Mathematik, Durchblick Basis Erdkunde, Durchblick Basis Geschichte and Stark In.

New core curriculum for Lower Saxony
The switch from an 8-year to a 9-year Abitur system in Lower Saxony has led to the establishment of a new core curriculum for upper secondary level, and an updated core curriculum for primary level. Revised editions of our series for upper secondary level which correspond to the new guidelines are available in all affected subject areas. The Westermann series in German, Maths, English and General Science suitable for the new primary school curriculum can also be viewed at the exhibition stand, with extensive additional materials.


Our location at the Didacta:

  • Early Education and Learning Games: Hall 11, D5
  • General Education:  Hall 12, B86
  • Vocational Training:  Hall 13, D84