Our business:

Based in Braunschweig, the Westermann Gruppe is one of the significant providers of educational media in Germany. With its three core areas of publishing, printing and services, the group is known for providing comprehensive media solutions in the fields of education and knowledge.

In the area of publishing the company meets the demand for educational materials from all school types and subjects across all federal states. Furthermore, the publishing houses in the Westermann Gruppe also offer a diverse range of media for pre-school and professional education. Additionally, in Arena, the publishing group has one of the largest publishers of children’s and youth literature in Germany.

Local and international

Further publishing houses and divisions produce educational materials specifically for the Austrian and Swiss markets. An increasing number of products from the Westermann Gruppe are also finding their way into the international market.

The area of printing comprises three printing houses, each equipped with the most modern technology. Each has its own unique reputation: Westermann Druck in Braunschweig provides a comprehensive range of services for the production of books, magazines and catalogues. Westermann Druck Zwickau specialises in the production of high-quality books, while pva, Druck und Medien Dienstleistungen focuses on the production of catalogues and magazines.

Spreading knowledge

Distribution and sales are two key aspects of our services provision. In the Löwen Medien Service, the Westermann Gruppe has one of the largest online mail-order educational bookshops in Germany. For all delivery-related matters in the publishing sector, the VSB Verlagsservice offers a comprehensive range of services.

The printing houses and service firms are not only responsible for the production and distribution of Westermann Gruppe products, but also manage similar processes on behalf of many other domestic and international clients.

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