More than 2700 textbooks, supplementary materials and digital products for all school types are available under the Diesterweg brand name. Not only innovative, they also motivate students and are suited to a variety of different teaching methods. In this way, the easily-adaptable "Flex und Flo" and "Flex und Flora" make possible an individualized and flexible way of teaching in the subjects Maths and German respectively. The English textbooks for the final years of the Gymnasium schools also offer teachers lots of freedom in their lessons with their communicative and theme-orientated approach.

The "Bausteine" family set a new standard in the 1980s with its primer, grammar book and early readers' book, as well as with its publications for primary school lessons in Social Studies and English. This was the first combined textbook and still today it is the most popular German textbook in primary schools.

Modern pedagogical concepts have their own tradition at Diesterweg: among the first Diesterweg publications were the works of the reformist pedagogue Adolph Diesterweg. Today, more than 150 years after the company's foundation by his son Moritz, the key areas of focus are primary education, modern languages and the subject, Protestant Religion.



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 Year established: 1860

 Available publications: more than 2700


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