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The Westermann Gruppe’s sales and distribution services are dedicated to meeting the needs and expectations of both publishers and consumers.

VSB-Verlagsservice Braunschweig

The Westermann Gruppe’s distribution service, VSB-Verlagsservice Braunschweig, specialises in logistics and order processing. VSB offers 60 clients, including publishing houses and online businesses, a comprehensive distribution service.

Going above and beyond the core responsibilities of warehousing and distribution, our service extends to the management and updating of customer databases, as well as receiving, logging and invoicing customer requests. As part of our service, VSB remains in contact with customers post-distribution in order to ensure a smooth payment process. To complement our distribution service we also manage returns and offer a letter shop, distributing promotional materials.

At VSB, we employ the latest innovations in logistics and IT to supply our industrial clients, retailers, educational institutions and private customers, both at home and abroad. VSB distributes a vast array of products, ranging from books and magazines through to stationery, forms, loose-leaf binders, CDs, DVDs and data storage devices.


Löwen Medien Service

Löwen Medien Service is a mail order bookstore that specialises in educational materials. We provide our customers with an exemplary delivery service and offer customers an extensive collection of print and digital products from all major publishers.

Löwen Medien Service processes orders from across Europe. One of our major selling points is our experience in dealing with bulk orders for school classes, for which we offer an unparalleled level of service. We sort, package and prepare products for individual classes and deliver on dates that suit our customers. Löwen Medien Service is a trusted and experienced mail order bookstore for teachers, parents and private customers.

Löwen Medienservice

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