Printing houses

Three excellent printing houses belong to the Westermann Gruppe. It is their shared ambition not only to achieve the best production results possible from a technical perspective, but also to use each printing project as a way to expand their broad range of services permanently.

Westermann Druck

With 230 staff, Westermann Druck offers a comprehensive range of printing and pre-press services, as well as services for electronic media, e-books being one example. The company not only produces textbooks for the publishing houses of the Westermann Gruppe but has also specialized in the use of web offset printing in the production of high-quality magazines and catalogues. Customers include clients in Germany and Europe. With an increasingly important role digital printing also features in the company’s service Portfolio. Every year the site in Braunschweig produces approximately 5 million books, 23.5 million brochures and 37 million periodicals. A particularly special service is myPrints, Westermann Druck’s online printing service for schools. With myPrints customers can create and print for example their own school planners.

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Westermann Druck Zwickau

A provider of a comprehensive range of media services, Westermann Druck Zwickau focuses today on the commercial production of high-quality books and brochures published at mid-range volume level. Among its customers are publishing houses based in Germany and in neighbouring countries, as well as firms operating in trade and industry. On their behalf, approximately 160 staff in Zwickau produce more than 13 million finished products a year.

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pva, Druck und Medien-Dienstleistungen

The pva, based in the town Landau in der Pfalz, concentrates on the commercial production of challenging catalogues and high-quality magazines; the flexible production process gives an end result that is tailored entirely to fit the unique needs of the customers. Across its wide range of integrated services, the company employs just under 140 staff. Currently the pva produces 200 periodical publications annually in Landau, with a total print run of more than 120 million copies. Its customers include publishing houses, firms in trade, industry and telecommunications, and EU institutions.

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