Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Education helps to solve problems; be they everyday inconveniences or challenges on a global scale, education can lead us to a solution. Education is the bedrock of a prosperous society, the foundation of individual success. We strive to support young people throughout their education and help every individual to unlock their full potential. As teachers are a vital part of this process, our products are designed to facilitate the teaching process wherever possible. This is our contribution to the education cycle and to society as a whole.


Our Vision:

Shaping the future of learning.
With our expertise and an intimate knowledge of the education sector, the Westermann Gruppe looks to the needs of tomorrow’s learners. We are inspired by a duty to both individuals and to the wider society.

Our Mission:

Successful teaching and learning guided by our passion and experience.
Our ideas and creativity spur us on to find new ways to create successful learning experiences. A sense of achievement is the best motivator. This is why we endeavour to develop new teaching concepts to transfer knowledge and skills easily, reliably and substantively.

We are:

The Westermann Gruppe prides itself on its integrity as a business partner and employer. We maintain a strong sense of tradition and have a proven track record in the education sector.

Communication and co-operation are the foundation of our success. Our products connect content across disciplines, as an interconnected approach is a fundamental part of education in the future.

We adapt to today’s developments and embrace tomorrow’s opportunities. Trend-setting and creative, the Westermann Gruppe is shaping the future of learning in both established and emerging markets.

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