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Arena is one of the most significant German publishers of children’s and youth literature and, with approximately 2000 available publications, it maintains a diverse range for children, teenagers and young adults. The publishing house was founded in 1949 by Georg Popp and is based in Würzburg.

Since its foundation, the name Arena has been synonymous with knowledge and entertainment, for both challenging and exciting children’s and youth literature. In 1958 Arena was the first German publishing house to issue a paperback series for children and young people. In 1981 Arena was the first publishing house to develop a rigorous, pedagogical, multistep concept of learning to read, known today as “Der Bücherbär”. In 2006 Arena started its own audiobook series for the first time under the name “Arena audio”. The publishing house’s range includes board books, picture books, beginners’ reading books, children’s and youth literature, as well as non-fiction and themed books for children of pre-school age. Countless German and international authors have been writing for Arena over the last 65 years. Among them are: Isabel Abedi, Antje Babendererde, Andreas Eschbach, Willi Fährmann, Neil Gaiman, KNISTER, Jo Nesbø, Harald Parigger, Jürgen Teichmann, and Rainer Wekwerth.




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Year established: 1949

Available publications: 2000



Arena Verlag GmbH
Rottendorfer Straße 16
97074 Würzburg


Phone: +49 931 79644 0

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