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The Bildungsverlag EINS in Köln (Cologne) is the leading provider of teaching and learning materials for vocational training. The company was founded in 2001 as the result of a merger of the publishers Gehlen, Kieser, Stam, Wolf and Dürr + Kessler. Together with the Winklers and Westermann/Berufsbildung brands, the Bildungsverlag EINS caters for the entire range of the vocational and professional training market.


The company almost completely dominates the market for vocational business training materials; other areas of focus include technical vocational training, social pedagogy and nursing and care.  The Bildungsverlag EINS range encompasses 3800 titles: classic textbooks, work materials, innovative media such as digital textbooks or teaching materials with multimedia additions and interactive online programmes. The company caters for the needs of teachers and pupils in more than 300 varieties of apprenticeships and full-time vocational courses.


At a glance

Year of foundation: 2001

Available publications: 3800



Bildungsverlag EINS GmbH
Ettore-Bugatti-Straße 6-14
51149 Köln


Phone: +49 2203 8982 101

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