Dinasztia Tankönyvkiadó


A teacher and a journalist started Dinasztia, an educational publishing house, in the year 2000 in Budapest. They planned the first books over the kitchen table and later presented them personally to schools. The publishing house and its books became very well-known after its initial successes. The structure of the range concentrates mainly on primary education. Here, Dinasztia offers an expansive range of textbooks and workbooks.


In addition to this, Dinasztia publishes countless workbooks that can be used independently of any textbook for learning at school and at home. This range covers the following key learning techniques: independent learning, supported learning, more challenging learning and learning through games.


Additionally, the Dinasztia publishing house produces a range of learning games, particularly popular are the series bambinoLÜK and miniLÜK.


At a glance

Year established 2000:

Available publications: 280


Dinasztia Tankönyvkiadó
Tóth István u. 97
1155 Budapest


Phone: +36 1 4140363

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