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Children learn best while playing—this insight lies at the heart of the LÜK learning programme, which has been produced by Westermann Lernspielverlag since 1967. The game with the red box, the tiles and the exercise books motivates and stimulates children at home, at nursery and at school with a diverse range of knowledge and observation tests. There are LÜK tests for all primary school subjects and to cover the entire spectrum of infant and primary education. As the tests enable children to check their own work, LÜK provides a meaningful incentive for independent learning.


Children can explore more than 500 different themes with the LÜK sets. The various bambinoLÜK, miniLÜK and the large LÜK sets ensure that there is always an age-appropriate option for children between 2 and 12 years of age.


LÜK games are not just produced in Germany, but also in 45 other countries and in more than 19 languages. Since 2012 it has also been possible to complete LÜK tasks digitally on iPads and tablet PCs.

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Year established: 1951

Available publications: 750


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