With its delivery and bookselling service, the Westermann Gruppe provides publishing houses and end-consumers with a carefully-tailored range of services. The VSB- Verlagsserivce Braunschweig manages the entire delivery process on behalf of publishing houses, from the processing of orders to returns. The Löwen Medien Service caters for schools as well as for private customers with its comprehensive online mail-order business.

VSB-Verlagsservice Braunschweig

As a specialist distributor for publishing houses, with services to cover all aspects of the delivery business, the VSB - Verlagsservice Braunschweig manages all logistical matters. But that is not all, the available services comprise much more than just the actual delivery: customer support, order processing, invoicing, subscription and subscription-extension services, sales analysis, sales ledger accounting, stock management and returns processing. The VSB - Verlagsservice Braunschweig currently manages delivery processes for the publishing houses of the Westermann Gruppe and for many other external customers. Depending on the customer's needs, the Verlagsservice can offer the complete delivery service or individual component services as desired. In total, the delivery service works with approximately 60 publishing houses and handles not only books and newspapers, but also forms, sound and data storage devices, works in loose-leaf format, non-books and even food. These goods are delivered to private customers as well as those in industry and trade, within Germany and abroad. The Verlagsservice employs 110 staff and up to 150 temporary workers in seasonal busy periods.

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Löwen Medien Service

The Löwen Medien Service is an online mail-order bookshop that focuses on educational media. Here, customers can find a comprehensive range of traditional and digital products from all publishing houses and a first-class mail-order service. The Löwen Medien Service bids successfully for Europe-wide tendered projects. Its primary area of strength lies in the delivery of class sets of educational materials and the accompanying service: delivery at the desired time, with the products sorted, packed and prepared for the individual classrooms. The entire service range of an online mail-order bookshop, with emphasis on aspects relevant to each commission, is available to parents, teachers and other private customers.

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