Our Printing Works

The Westermann Gruppe operates three experienced printing works. Our printers strive to expand our broad range of printing services and to apply the latest technological developments throughout the printing process.

Our printers in Braunschweig, Zwickau and Landau offer our German and European customers a comprehensive range of printing and prepress services. We offer offset web printing for catalogues and magazines, offset sheet printing for paperbacks and hardbacks, and digital printing for customised products. Our printers also produce fully digital products, such as e-books.

Westermann Druck Braunschweig and Westermann Druck Zwickau draw on a wealth of experience, through printing the Westermann Gruppe’s entire portfolio of books and educational materials. Our printers in pva Zwickau specialise in printing high-quality magazines and catalogues.

Digital printing has come to form a significant part of our printing services. Innovations in digital printing have enabled us to fulfil custom orders throughout schools and other educational institutions. Customers can place orders for specialised products, such as individual school planners, via our online portal, myPrints. We are also happy to process low-volume orders for digital printing.

Westermann Druck Braunschweig

Westermann Druck Zwickau


Further Business Areas