Our Mission:

The Westermann Gruppe is one of Germany’s leading providers of educational materials. Bringing together publishing houses, printing works and services, the Westermann Gruppe has a presence at every stage of the publishing process.

Education is our passion and we produce educational materials for a lifetime of learning. Our publishing houses offer titles for pre-schools, primary schools and secondary schools, as well as vocational training and professional qualifications.

Arena, one of Germany’s largest children’s publishers, is also part of the Westermann Gruppe, bringing with it an extensive programme of children’s and young adult literature.

From Local to International

Austrian and Swiss publishing houses also belong to the Westermann Gruppe, offering programmes that are tailor-made to the local markets. Our London-based subsidiary, by contrast, has developed learning software for the global market. More and more of the Westermann Gruppe’s products have been licensed for use internationally.

The Westermann Gruppe also operates three state-of-the-art printing works that cater to all printing requirements. Our printers produce books, catalogues and magazines and are able to fulfil customised orders of any volume, no matter their size.

Spreading Knowledge

Sales and distribution are the mainstay of our services department. Löwen Medien Service, part of the Westermann Gruppe, operates one of Germany’s largest mail order stores for educational books and materials. The Westermann Gruppe’s subsidiary, VSB-Verlagsservice, specialises in distribution and logistics.

Thanks to our printing works and services department, the Westermann Gruppe is not only able to produce and market the output of our own publishing houses, but is also happy to provide these services to domestic and international customers.

Westermann Gruppe